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Freebie Nexa Font

Download a sans-serif typeface called “Nexa Font” with some modern geometric flair. Nexa Font is free for both personal and commercial use. The Nexa freebie...

Butler Freebie Font

Butler Freebie Font

Butler is a freebie Serif font by Fabian De Smet and inspired by a mixture of Dala Floda & the superb Bodoni family. The biggest...

Balqis Freebie Font

Balqis Freebie Font

Download Balqis Freebie Font. A feminine freebie by Artimasa Studio. This post brings to you a very popular feminine striped-rough calligraphy typeface by Artimasa Studio...

Download Freebie Carosello Font

Carosello Freebie Font

Download this beautiful handwritten retro styled freebie font. Best suitable for brandings or vintage advertising. Carosello freebie font designed and released by Pixel Buddha. Carosello...

Freebie Kelson Family fonts

Kelson Family – Freebie fonts

Today, this post brings you a sans-serif typeface called “Kelson”. Kelson font is a beautiful font and absolutely freebie to download and use for your...

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