Kelson Family – Freebie fonts

Today, this post brings you a sans-serif typeface called “Kelson”. Kelson font is a beautiful font and absolutely freebie to download and use for your personal projects. This freebie fonts has been designed by Bruno Mello and piblished by Armasen.

The Kelson family included 6 freebies fonts:

Kelson Thin

Freebie Kelson Thin Font

Download Kelson Thin

Kelson Light

Freebie Kelson Light Font

Download Kelson Light

Kelson Regular

Freebie Kelson Font

Download Kelson Regular

Kelson Medium

Freebie Kelson Medium Font

Download Kelson Medium

Kelson Bold

Freebie Kelson Bold Font

Download Kelson Bold

Kelson Extra Bold

Download Kelson Extra Bold

Download full family of Kelson

Freebie Kelson Family fonts



Available formats:
available in all of the styles: OTF

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Kelson Family – Freebie fonts

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